Maria's Children

1. Maria Antonia Natalia (Josefa) was born November 27, 1810 and died January 1893. At age 19, Josefa eloped with New England sea captain, Henry Delano Fitch. The couple returned to San Diego over a year later with their newborn son. Joaquin was so angry with them he had them arrested, kept them separated and forced them to undergo an ecclesiastical trial to determine if their marriage was legal.

2. Maria Ramona de Luz (Ramona) was born July 1812 and died Dec. 1888. Ramona was the mother of Ramualdo Pacheco, California’s only Hispanic governor after it became a state. Ramona’s second husband was a Scottish sea captain, John Willson. They settled on a rancho near San Luis Obispo.

3. Maria de la Luz Eustaquia (Luz) was born in May 1814 and died May 1893. Luz married M.G. Vallejo’s brother Salvador, and they raised a large family in Napa. They were married in a lavish wedding in the chapel of the Sonoma mission.

4. Francisca Maria Felipa Benicia (Francisca) was born Aug. 1815 and died Jan. 1891. Francisca married Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, one of the most influential people in all California. The towns of Vallejo and Benicia are named in their honor.

5. Joaquin Victor (Joaquin) was born 1820 and died 1899. After four girls, at last a boy! Joaquin did his military service under his brother-in-law Gen. M.G. Vallejo. In 1846 he was elected mayor of Sonoma. He was taken prisoner during the Bear Flag Revolt. He was married twice and had 15 children.

6. Juan Bautista (Juan) was born Aug. of 1825 (date not certain) and died 1841. Juan did military service in Sonoma. He is believed to have been poisoned by one of his family’s cooks. He is buried in front of the altar in the Sonoma Mission chapel.

7. Jose Ramon (Jose) was born Feb. 1821 in San Diego and died May 1864. Jose was the livestock supervisor and expert horseman. He was known as a fearless bear fighter. This was a popular but dangerous sport. While on a trip to Sonora, Mexico, Ramon married a beautiful girl named Rosita, although there is no evidence or record of this except for family records. Rosita was murdered during the Bear Flag Revolt. Jose joined the Vigilantes and continued fighting for the Mexicans. He married a second time to Maria Vicenta Seppulveda de Yorba and settled in Santa Ana. They had 8 children. He continued to be an activist and eventually was shot in the back. His killer was never found or identified. He is buried in Pomona.

8. Jose de los Dolores (Dolores) was born in San Diego in 1824. There is no date of his death or where he is buried.

9. Julio Maria Tomas was born 1824 and died in 1889 in Santa Rosa. Julio was left a very wealthy man in his Mother’s will but by being too trusting and a very bad businessman he gradually lost all he owned and died with almost nothing. He donated the land where the first courthouse was built in the center of town and many other parcels of the land, too. He built and lived in several houses in Santa Rosa. When he died he was given the longest funeral ever seen in Sonoma County. The ride to the cemetery wound all through town as all the town bells tolled his age of 63 years. Businesses were closed and all the people lined the sidewalks.

10. Maria Marta Juana was born Jul.1826 and died Oct. 1905. She married her cousin Don Juaquin Carrillo, in 1855. Her mother left Marta about 1600 acres of land. Her brother-in-law, Salvador Vallejo, stole this. Marta could not read or write so when Salvador showed her a deed and said it was her signature she knew it was useless to fight any longer. Salvador had threatened her before and since she spoke very little English, she could not express herself very well. She and Joaquin lived in a house at 1049 Fourth St. She is buried in the old cemetery beside her husband.

11. Juana de Jesus Carrillo (Juanita) was born March of 1829. In 1850, she married an Irish sea captain named David Mallagh. After her mother’s death, they opened a store in part of the adobe. It then became a wayside inn called "Santa Rosa House." Later they moved to San Luis Obispo, to be near Juana’s sister, Ramona.

12. Jose de la Luz Carrillo, born February 27, 1831 and died March 7, 1831. He was the only one to die as a baby.

13. Maria Felicidad de la Augusta Carrillo (Felicidad) was born March 1833 and died July 23, 1856. She died giving birth to a baby girl and is buried at the Mission San Francisco Dolores.